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The UNSMIL Draft Agreement and International Engagement with Libya

Since UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon nominated Mr. Bernardino Leon as the UN Special Representative and Head of the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) in August 2014, stagnant Libyan waters have moved. When he announced the launch of a political dialogue in September 2014, Libyans who lost confidence in the political process—having witnessed a tremendous deterioration in their security and quality of life—distrusted the initiative, doubting that such a dialogue could be realized. Since that time, Leon has worked diligently to build a Libyan constituency among its rival powerbrokers to reach agreement over Libya’s future. While this effort has culminated in a draft proposal to end Libya’s political crisis, the terms of the draft agreement thus far place far too great a burden on any future Libyan government without clearly defining the obligations of the United Nations or international community towards its implementation.

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By Azza K. Maghur,a lawyer, human rights activist, and former member of the February Committee tasked by the General National Congress to amend the transitional constitution and prepare the elections law.

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