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Jillian C. York;

Tunisia judge in Libya to verify 2 journalists' fate

A magistrate investigating the alleged kidnap and murder of two Tunisian journalists in neighboring Libya travelled on Saturday to the country, Tunisia’s prosecution has said.

“The magistrate travelled to Libya to verify available information about the fate of the journalists,” prosecution spokesman Sofiene Sliti told.

He referred to a judicial cooperation agreement signed between both Tunisia and Libya in 1962.

Months ago, gunmen affiliated with ISIL claimed that it had executed two Tunisian journalists in the war-torn North African state.

On Wednesday, Libya’s Tobruk-based government said five people had been arrested for suspected involvement in the murder of the two Tunisian journalists.

Tunisia’s Foreign Ministry, for its part, said it was unable to confirm the deaths.

On Friday, Tunisian Prime Minister Habib Essid said his country would send a magistrate to Libya to meet witnesses of the purported murder of Tunisian journalists kidnapped in Libya last September.

“Tomorrow, we will send a magistrate to Libya to meet the people who claim to have witnessed the [killing] operation… so they might provide us with the truth,” Essid said at a press briefing in Tunis.

“If the murder of the journalists is verified, we will ask Libyan authorities to hand in the culprits for prosecution in Tunisia in line with bilateral agreements,” he added

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