Friday , 25 June 2021
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Communiqué, Libyan Municipalities Meeting, Tunis, Tunisia

Recalling the outcomes of their previous meetings in Geneva and Brussels;

Reiterating their commitment to Libya’s national unity, independence and territorial integrity, and their commitment to uphold the interests of the Libyan people;

Recognising the huge security, political, social and economic challenges confronting Libya;

Emphasising that a viable solution to the on-going political crisis and military conflict in Libya can only be within the framework of an inclusive political process that puts the country firmly back on the path of democratic transition based on the peaceful transfer of power;

Expressing deep concern at the growing and genuine threat posed by terrorist and extremist groups who appear intent on exploiting the growing political and security vacuum in Libya to promote their own agenda and undermine Libya’s stability and the way of life of the Libyan people;

Acknowledging the good offices and mediation role of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL); and noting the critical juncture at which the political dialogue process currently stands;

  1. Urge all Libyan political stakeholders and military actors to uphold Libya’s national interests above all others and to demonstrate the necessary spirit of compromise in the interest of reaching a comprehensive political agreement that achieves peace and stability for the whole of Libya and allows for the swift formation of a government of national accord to assume its responsibilities. That government should give the necessary consideration to the geographic dimension, cultural components and fair representation of women and youth in selecting its members;
  2. Welcome the recent reconciliation and ceasefire initiatives undertaken by a number of municipalities, towns and cities, and collectively commit to continue working towards supporting these initiatives as an expression of the desire of all Libyans to live side by side in peace and harmony. In this context, they stress the role of municipalities in the social and economic reconstruction of Libya.
  3. Welcome the agreement reached between Misrata and Tawergha and hope this will encourage other municipalities to engage and resolve the issue of the displaced.
  4. Commit to work closely with a future government of national accord towards instituting a more decentralised system of local administration that can respond adequately and effectively to the legitimate needs of the Libyan people for basic services, and strengthen the foundations of sustainable and equitable development throughout the country;
  5. Express strong support for the impartial role of the United Nations in the Libyan political dialogue process and calls for its speedy and successful conclusion;
  6. Welcome the increased presence of women in this meeting and underscore the important role of women in conflict resolution and their effective participation in Libya’s political transition;
  7. Call for enhanced cooperation between the United Nations and the municipalities in addressing the challenges relating to health, food and essential supplies, water and sanitation, demining; and in facilitating the delivery of humanitarian assistance.
  8. Appeal to all sides holding detainees to take the opportunity of the holy month of Ramadan to release all those illegally detained and ensure a fair trial for the others.


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