Saturday , 4 December 2021
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Ben Sutherland;

Support for peace arrangements in west continues

The number of western towns in Libya backing a peace accord continues to grow. The process, which started with deals between Zintan, Gharyan and Zawia, has now extended include Misrata, Sabratha, Surman, Rajban, Rigdaleen, Jadu, Yefren, Nalut, Kikla, Al-Jmail, and Zliten. Municipal leaders have reportedly all agreed that their forces should stop fighting, return to base and that the Libyan National Army (LNA) should take responsibility for security in their areas.

The only town west of Tripoli not to have joined the process so far is Zuwara. However, the others are reported to have given it notice to follow their lead, to accept the LNA and, as well, to hand over the border crossing at Ras Jedir to it.

Claims two days ago that the LNA had surrounded Zuwara and given it an ultimatum to it to surrender and hand over the border post were denied at the time by Zuwara officials. However, acting defence minister Masoud Erhuma has confirmed the ultimatum, saying that it expires today. Negotiations are now said to be taking place between Zuwara and Zintan on the former joining the process.

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