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Libya’s GNC accepts UN draft proposal

Libya’s self-proclaimed General National Congress, based in Tripoli, has given its support to the UN’s fourth draft proposal for a political solution to the country’s crisis.

The GNC’s political committee and its delegation to the latest round of Libyan talks in the Moroccan city of Skhirat, met Monday.

After the meeting they released a statement describing the proposal as “adequate to serve as a basis to a political solution that would result in stability”, reported Turkey’s Anadolu news agency.

The GNC statement stressed the need to quickly form a unity government to combat terrorism and illegal immigration, and save the country from crisis.

It also called on all parties to support international efforts to restore stability to Libya.

The statement is the GNC’s first official response to the UN’s draft proposal, which was presented by UN’s special envoy to Libya, Bernardino Leon, in Skhirat on 8 June.

Leon said the draft “includes a future vision for the institutional structure and security arrangements”.

According to Anadolu, the three main points of the new draft proposal are: the formation of a unity government based in Tripoli that will serve for a year; the Tobruk parliament elected in June 2014 to be included in the transitional government; and the supreme state council to be the highest independent state advisory body.

Two governments are struggling for power in Libya; the internationally recognised interim government established by the Tobruk parliament and based in the city of al-Bayda; and the salvation government established by the GNC, which is based in Tripoli. – See more at:

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