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Tunisia beach massacre gunman trained in Libya: officials

The 23-year-old Tunisian man who shot 38 tourists dead on a beach resort in Sousse was trained in the use of weapons by jihadis in Libya, secretary of state for security Rafik Chelli told AFP Tuesday.

“It is confirmed that he went to Libya illegally. He was trained in Sabratha (west of Tripoli),” Chelli said.

The gunman, identified as Seifeddine Rezgui, was in Libya at the same time as the two men who orchestrated the March 2014 attacks on Tunisia’s National Bardo Museum.

“They were away (from Tunisia) at the same time,” he said. “In Sabratha, there is only one camp that trains young Tunisians.”

“When they trained, it was with Ansar al-Shariah,” said Chelli, referring to a jihadi group.

However, Chelli stated it is not possible to confirm if the three men had met or been trained together.

On March 18th 2015 Tunisian citizens Yassine Labidi and Saber Khachnaoui attacked the National Bardo Museum, killing 21 tourists and injuring 50 others. They were killed by police forces; however, a third suspect is still at large.

Both attacks were claimed by Daesh.


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