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Algeria to reopen borders with Libya

Algeria is keen on reopening all land borders with Libya in the few coming days, Algerian Al-Khabar newspaper has reported, pointing out that the Algerian government has already begun with the technical preparations necessary for the reopening. The borders have been closed for a year and a half now for security reasons.

Al-Khabar newspaper reported a member of Algeria’s Al-Omma Council as saying; “the decision to reopen the borders with Libya was taken by the Chief of Fourth Military Squadron after a series of security meetings with a number of Libyan and Algerian officials responsible for securing the borders, who all decided to reopen the borders on political and security conditions.”

Sources from the Algerian government clarified that the decision allows the Libyans to go to Algeria through those borders without a visa, whereas it prohibits the Algerians from going to Libya; however, Algerians could still go to Libya via air since flights between Tripoli and Algeria were resumed last March after four years of suspension.

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