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Tobruk MP accuses Haftar army of corruption

Federalist Ziad Daghaim, a member in the dissolved parliament of Tobruk, said that Dignity Operation had received around a billion dinars from Al-Thani government but it failed to take control of Benghazi.

Speaking to Jordan-based Libya TV, he said LYD 800 million out of a 1.5 billion request, were delivered to Haftar’s army which has been struggling to take Benghazi for more than a year now.

“They requested 1.5 billion to liberate Benghazi in just two weeks, but this never happened” He noted.

He confirmed that neither Tobruk parliament nor its government were aware of the second Benghazi invasion by Haftar army on October 2014.

Haftar declared his Dignity Operation in Benghazi on May 2014. Five months later he launched his second war in the city.

Daghaim further added that there is an open support of ammunition and weapons constantly supplied by what he calls “friendly countries”, most likely from Egypt and the UAE. He said 35 thousand full military suits arrived in Tobruk from a friendly country but they suddenly had disappeared.

He also noted that the army leadership should be questioned over the deteriorating situations in Benghazi, adding that the ‘file of the wounded persons is full of corruption and mystery, and that Dignity leaders did not allow the Audit Bureau to have access to the documents and expenses of the file.


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