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Eastern tribal and council leaders give conditional support to Serraj GNA


A number of eastern tribal and council leaders have given their conditional support to Prime Minister-designate Faiez Serraj and his Government of National Accord (GNA) brokered by the UN and agreed to at the city of Skhirat meeting on 17 December.

The Obaidat tribes of the eastern Cyrenaica region of Libya announced their support for the GNA at a meeting in Ain Laly west of Derna and furthermore called upon House of Representatives president, Ageela Salah to follow suit.

Moreover, at least one news source has gone further and reported that Salah had given his initial approval to their request for GNA support and has gone as far as to say that he would hand in his resignation as HoR president if that was what was wanted.

The tribal leaders conditioned their support for the GNA on the basis that the HoR-recognised Libyan National Army is not negotiable.

On Friday, there was another meeting of tribal elders, council leaders and activists of Greater Benghazi and the Barqa (Cyrenaica) region who also announced their conditional support for the GNA.

Their four conditions were that:

1-The regular Libyan National Army and its leadership was non-negotiable and that it should be supported.

2- A Sovereign Fund for the reconstruction of Benghazi and other destroyed cities should be hastily established and announced.

3-The Just distribution of sovereign and leadership posts be implemented.

4-The GNA should be approved by the HoR.

It will be recalled that HoR president Salah is a minority dissenter, opposing the Libyan Political Agreement and the GNA born out of it and signed at Shkirat. Moreover, Salah has allied himself with a minority group from the HoR and with General National Congress (GNC) president, Nurri Abu Sahmain and his GNC minority dissenting group, to propose an alternative ”Libyan-Libyan” political agreement.

It will also be recalled that majority HoR members speaking to Libya Herald in Tunis last week on the way back from the signing at Skhirat reported that the HoR will meet this week to vote Salah out as HoR president to enable their majority group to approve the GNA.

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