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SAS to prepare for coalition against IS in Libya

A coalition of international forces is planned to intervene in Libya against the Islamic State group (IS) within the next few weeks, British Special Forces are sent to Libya to set the ground for the forces, the Daily Mirror reported.

The newspaper reported that the British Special Forces have been sent to Libya in a bid to stop the advance made by the IS.

SAS troops that arrived in Libya are understood to be preparing for an offensive involving 1,000 British soldiers.

“We have an advance force on the ground who will make an assessment of the situation and identify where attacks should be made and highlight the threats to our forces”, senior military source told the Mirror.

The operation will involve around 6,000 US and European soldiers led by Italian forces, the SAS and military close observation experts from the Special Reconnaissance Regiment.

British experts will advise Libyan military commanders on ‘battle-space management’ – tactics and skills needed to control the battlefield.

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