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Insecurity and political divisions drive press freedom violations: report

Security challenges and political divisions are the two main reasons for the occurrence of violations and abuses against journalists in Libya, says the Libyan Centre for Freedom of Press (LCFP) in its 2015 fourth quarter report.

The LCFP said that working conditions for journalists in Libya have been virtually paralyzed as a result of their inability to move freely due to the dangers posed to them by weapon holders.

This fear of armed confrontation and threat has led to the imposition of strict self-censorship which has affected their reporting of the events in Libya.


Violations against journalists in Libya in 4Q 2015

Attempted Murder 5
Kidnap and Torture 5
arbitrary detention and disappearance 7
Threats and prevention of work 4
Attacks on media 4


Source: LCFP


There were 26 violations against the press recorded in Q4 as opposed to 23 recorded in Q3 of 2015 the report says.

The capital Tripoli recorded the most cases of violations, the reported revealed adding that efforts were need to mitigate risks in the capital in order to create a better working environment.

The report said that publicizing cases of violations against journalists was one of its 2016 strategies and hoped its database of violations will act as an indicator of press freedoms in Libya.

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