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Al-Qaeda leader menaces West if they enter Libya

A leader in Al-Qaeda group in the Islamic Maghreb warned the West against intervention in Libya, calling on all Libyans to unite to ditch democracy, describing the Prime Minister of being an ally of the West, according to him, Aljazeera net reported.

The Algerian, Abu Obadiah Al-Enaby, announced in a voice statement that he refuses the Libyan Political Agreement and accuses Arab and Western leaders of conspiring to hand over Libya to Italy without fight.

“We won’t accept the results of your conferences, we won’t keep silence in front of your conspiracies, you will pass to our people and fortunes in Libya over our dead bodies, we don’t surrender, we win or die”, he stated.

“The declaration of the Romanian Libya (Italy) of occupying Tripoli and ruling it by an Italian Military General over the government of National Accord, is not different from George W. Bush’s appointing a US governor in Iraq after the fall of Bagdad, there is no higher Islamic duty than expelling them.” he added

He called on “the heroic mujahedeen” to unite and ditch fights, fanaticism and democracy and called on Maghreb youth to fight against the Western intervention in Libya.

Al-Enaby promised whom he described as “invaders” of being regretful if they step into Libya and to be defeated out of it as what happened in Iraq.

Al-Enaby was put on the American Sate Department list of terrorism and described as a global terrorist.

America along with France, Italy, Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria expressed support to cooperate with the Government of National Accord (GNA) as the sole legitimate representative in Libya for fighting terrorism.

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