Thursday , 30 November 2023
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UNSMIL suggests amendments to first constitutional draft

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) has sent a 48-page document including its comments and suggestions concerning the first draft issued by the working committee in the Constitution Drafting Assembly (CDA).

The papers headed with “unofficial document” published by news websites, said that a number of points weren’t tackled and the assembly has to include it in the draft while others were a violation of the international law.

The first comment was on article 7 in the first chapter, as the UNSMIL believed that the form of the state, Sharia consideration article is tough and should be revised.

The UNSMIL expressed fear of the loss of women’s rights in the “worrying article” number 11. It stressed the importance of equal rights between both genders.

It demanded a women’s quota in the legislative and local councils and banning marriage till the age of 18.

It added that banning political parties for 4 years is a violation of practicing political rights.

About article 17, it noted that guarantees to non-forced repatriation shouldn’t be exclusive to asylum seekers, and dealing with refugees should cope with international standards.

Articles 12 and 13 were said by the UNSMIL to be a violation of human rights by withdrawing nationality and defining a long-term timetable for reclaiming it.

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