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NATO arranges for a decision to intervene in Libya

European sources said that some members of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) are closely thinking about military intervention to strike terrorism strongholds inside Libya, in the wake of Libyan political factions’ inability to form government approved by the international community, despite the international community’s decision based on the outcomes of Skhirat dialogue, according to report published in Al-Ghad website.

German defense minister Ursola Lyenen said, to Blaid newspaper, that success of extremists inside Libya is a threat to Europe, and may cause new waves of migrants. She mentioned that she doesn’t rule out German troops deployed inside Libya.

According to the report, translated by LIBYAPROSPECT, sources confirmed; foreign powers are convinced that more hesitation in dealing with the Libyan situation is extremely danger that would allow more jihadist groups to launch more attacks and control swaths and transform Libya to hotbed for terrorists.

Libya’s fall into hands of terrorist groups would complicate the west mission in combating terrorism in countries like Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Cameron and Nigeria, according to the report.

French and American troops failed to support regular armies in the countries of West Africa, or to stop increasing terrorist threats.

The report mentioned that many western countries are concerned that the spread of Islamic State group (IS) inside Libya would complicate matters further more, which won’t stop in north or west Africa but would spread closer to Europe. Some reports refer that terrorists use waves of migrants from south Mediterranean to send their fighters to launch terrorist attacks inside Europe.

German is keen to restore stability in neighboring countries near Europe to reduce number of migrants and refugees seeking to reach Europe. German received more that 1.1 migrants in 2015, according to Al-Ghad.

The German defense minister didn’t provide any further details about the nature of the intervention, but said that reinforcing laws and order is the first priority in Libya.

Terrorist attack that targeted hotel and restaurant in Wagadugo, and killed 29 persons, caused fear among decision political makers in Europe, as they discovered the range of terrorism expansion in the region linking directly to north Africa and specifically Libya, the failed state that is gradually falling to the IS which is as bloodier as Al-Qaeda that adopted the terrorist attack at Burkina Faso.

Italian General Staff Command deployed four AMX fighter jets in Trabani military base in Sicily for surveillance and gathering information from north Africa, especially Libya.

According to a statement from Italian General Staff,  the decision was result of latest developments across north Africa, and deteriorating situation in the region, referring to Libya. US, France and Britain are executing surveillance operations above Libya.

“The decision seeks to preserve Italian national interests in the Mediterranean. The decision is among decisions already adopted by the government to secure the Mediterranean and defend Italian interests”,  the statement added.

According to the report, western intervention in Libya in only matter of time, only needs resolution from the Security Council, especially with the international and regional consensus to start war against the IS in Libya.

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