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Human Rights are under attack in Libya

The Amnesty International has published a new report about Libya, on Tuesday, concerning “under attack human rights” after years of the Libyan revolution and western intervention.

The report entitled “Libya since the ‘Arab Spring’: 7 ways human rights are under attack” listed several violations concerning the armed groups, migration and women.

The report said that all sides have committed war crimes and serious human rights abuses, including indiscriminate and direct attacks on civilians and their properties, in addition to abduction and torture. It also referred to doings of the Islamic State group (IS) that took over certain areas, carried out public executions.

Free speech, according to the report is under attack. Since abductions and assassinations have reached journalists, human rights activists and non governmental TV stations were attacked too. Reporters without Borders recorded more than 30 attacks against journalists between January and November 2015.

The report added that “Women’s rights are in retreat. Women activists have been intimidated and threatened”.

“The legal system is barely functioning. Courts in some cities are closed, because it’s so dangerous, and judges and lawyers have been attacked and abducted. Thousands of people seen as being loyal to al-Gaddafi have been detained for years without charge or trial. The trial of 37 former officials for alleged war crimes and other offences was deeply flawed, including its failure to investigate allegations of torture of the defendants”, it stated.

The new report also explained that migrants and refugees are vulnerable to violations; many are tortured, exploited and sexually abused along the smuggling route in and out of Libya. Others have been detained indefinitely.

It acknowledged that civilians bear under the conflict and violence across the country, as nearly 2.5 million people need humanitarian help, including clean water, sanitation and food. Many hospitals and clinics are closed, damaged or inaccessible due to the fighting.

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