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UN report unveils torture and violations in Libya prisons

A United Nations committee has presented a report to the Security Council that uncovered information about torture in the Libyan prisons.

The report that was presented on 29th of January stated that Temmena prison, which is run by one of the families of Misrata, is the most notorious in the city.

The report pointed out that torture cases were reported to have happened in prisons of Al-Zawia, Al-Gzeer, Jodaem and Al-Sela in addition to Al-Hadhba prison that includes senior officials of the former regime. The Commission obtained evidence that the prison director Saleh Hadeia Abdul Salam Daeaki tortured Sadi Gaddafi.

Mitiga prison also contained violations, as Abdel Raouf Kara manages the prison, while Abdul Salam Bin Shaaban observes torture processes. Besides violations in Alkwifia prison in Benghazi, which is supervised by the military police and the department of the Interior Ministry’s criminal investigation.

The report held the Interim Government and the interior minister, Omar Senki, the responsibility for the violations.

Among those named in the report is Abdulaziz Al-Bakshy, from Ain Zara prison, as he is believed to be involved in torture of detainees. Mohamed Al-Namy took charge of this prison for four years.

The report stated that Haitham Tajouri established a private detention center in Tajura, where he kept officials of the former regime and sympathizers, the report said that Tajouri blackmailed visitors to take money, adding that 12 officials of the former regime disappeared from jail during Libya Dawn operation.

The report said that Abdul Ghani Alkekly (Gnewah) controls detention center in Abu Salim in Tripoli and used a specific room for torture. The committee also received information about violations in Al-Tadamon and Al-Hofra prisons in Tajura.

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