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Al-Sarraj discusses the GNA’s 3-phase plan

The President of the Presidential Council (PC), Fayez Al-Sarraj said that the Government of National Accord (GNA), has proposed a three-aspect plan concerning economy, security and national reconciliation to the House of Representatives (HoR), asserting that ending the authorities’ duality is the top priority of the GNA.

In his interview with Libya’s channel, which LIBYAPROSPECT highlights part of it, Al-Sarraj stated that achieving the security part of the plan will enable the GNA to implement the rest of the plan. He stated that the government’s plan concentrates on decentralization and prioritizing the role of local councils and granting it an executive power to be the government’s aide.

Al-Sarraj explained that other plans were put and will be announced after the GNA enters Tripoli, “we believe in the patriotism of Abdullah Al-Thinni, and that he will do his role when we reach the hand over phase”, he stated.

Concerning economy, Al-Sarraj said that soon oil will be exported again through some points, which can improve the financial and economic situation.

Al-Sarraj had a meeting with the governors of the Central Bank of Libya (CBL), Al-Seddik Al-Kabeer and Ali Al-Jabry, and explained that soon the 2 divisions of the CBL will be merged into one back again, stressing that merging the CBL and the National Oil corporation are of the most difficult challenges ahead of the GNA.

The PM stressed that the economic situation needs painful decision but a breakthrough is soon.

He called on all business men to put their money back in banks to help in liquidity problem.

About Benghazi, Al-Sarraj said it needs more than a visit, adding that a program is being prepared to reconstruct the city as communications were held to assess the damages there.

“Fighting terrorism may be one of the projects that gather all Libyans”, Al-Sarraj said. He added that all guns should be fighting against the Islamic State group (IS) across the country, like in Sirte and Sabratha, rather than fighting each other.

He added that Derna is partially cured from terrorism but it still needs its people’s effort and the government’s aid. The government also is working to lift arms embargo.

Al-Sarraj wished that authorities may soon be able to do its observatory role.

Al-Sarraj promised that the GNA will do all in hand to achieve citizens’ aspirations in health care, educations and security, stressing that problems need more than one year to be cured, but it can be a step on the road.

“We won’t allow the waste of public money, all help must be presented to our displaced people in camps, and situations are very hard and a suitable ambience must be prepared for their resettlement safely”, he said.

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