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IS forces Sirte inhabitants to attend Sharia lessons

The Islamic State (IS), in Sirte, forced hundreds of youth and people, aging from 15-60, to attend sessions organized by the group across all mosques to spread its extremist ideologies, as sessions “focused on atoning army commanders and calls to fight the Libyan army”.

Local sources, told Al-Wasat website, Monday, that the lecturers are the IS commanders, Abu Hammam Al-Masry, Julaibeb Yemeni, Tunisian Modather Jazrawy and Abu Yehia, Libyan Waleed Ferjani.

The IS asked inhabitants inside Sirte and surrounding areas to attend to mosques, for Sharia and missionary lessons held daily after Al-Asr and Esha prayer, in mosques of Sirte, Buhady, Harawa, Bin Jawad, Nufalya and Jaref.

The IS posted photos on social media sites, at the beginning of March, for such session, showed children sitting on chairs inside one square in Sirte, while some IS elements use microphones above stage with banner that said “advocacy forum, advocacy and mosques center”.

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