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Magharebia; Mohand Ouali;

Petroleum Guards ready to work under GNA authority

The Petroleum Facilities Guards announced its willingness to work immediately under the Government of National Accord (GNA) authority, vowing to open all oil ports and “to protect Libyans potentials from terrorisms and power usurpers”.

It welcomed the arrival of the Presidential Council (PC) in Tripoli, Wednesday, on board Libyan boat “Al-Sdada”, the spokesman for Petroleum Facilities Guards, Ali Al-Hassy, said in a statement.

Al-Hassy said that “the Presidential Council (PC) arrival in Tripoli is a vital step in the course of rebuilding state institutions, and value efforts carried out by all Libyan parties, and responsibility shown by all parties across political negotiations sessions”.

The statement considered “the arrival of the PC to its headquarter vital and crucial event, necessary fight against the Islamic State (IS), and corner stone in course of Libyan crisis to overcome the past and moving forwards implementing the political accord, to end Libyans suffering and put the crisis on course of political resolution, responding to Libyans desires in freedom, democratic change that reserves Libya’s unity, political and security stability, and to fight terrorism that threatens Libya and neighboring countries”.

The statement also denounced “those who continue to obstacle the political process and the work of the unity government, standing against Libyans will”. They also condemned kidnappings, secret imprisonment, enforced disappearances of some activists across Libya, especially in Barqa, most apparently the abduction of activist Osman Bu Khatabia.

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