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Haftar: We support any government endorsed by HoR

The retired General Khalifa Haftar confirmed the army is spared from political matters, “no military military council will be formed”, stressing his “support for any unity government endorsed by the House of Representatives (HoR)”.

Haftar told Al-Ahram Egyptian newspaper “we will not accept division, only those who sold their honor and conscious accept to divide Libya. Libya will remain united and unified, not eastern nor western, honorable Libyan people and the army will defend the unity of our nation”.

“Our fight with terrorism is fateful fight, Benghazi is freed”, according to what Haftar said.

Haftar considered what the army achieved in the fight against terrorism in Benghazi “miracle by all standards” confirming that Libyan people “is not deceived by promotions on which terrorism depend to spread its poisons”.

He confirmed that “we will support any unity government endorsed by the HoR; we will not stand idle if the political process led the country into abyss”.

Haftar pointed to the military and intelligence cooperation with Egypt, adding that “this cooperation is in its best cases. We fully realize the difficulty of the phase Egypt is going through, economically and security, and fully aware of conspiracies woven to destabilize its security”, according to his expression.

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