Friday , 18 October 2019
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Daesh kills, kidnaps British, Italian soldiers in Libya

A number of British and Italian Special Forces have been killed and kidnapped by Daesh forces in Misrata, Libya, reported yesterday.

Attributing the news to an Israeli news website close to the Israeli intelligence, said Daesh carried out the attack against the foreign forces last week, noting this is the largest attack on foreign forces in Libya.

According to, the Israeli website reported losses among the Italian forces, but said that losses among the British were unconfirmed.

The attack took place while British and Italian forces, along with Libyan forces, were heading from the city of Misrata to Sirte.

It added that there were unconfirmed reports that some members of the British and Italian forces had been kidnapped. Western forces were surprised by Daesh’s capabilities, the Israeli site said.

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