Monday , 18 October 2021
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International coordination in fight against IS

The American Navy and the British Special Forces have been coordinating airstrikes targeting the Islamic State group (IS) in Sirte, Giornali Italian newspaper reported.

It said that a coordination process was underway, on Saturday dawn, and added that the British Special Forces equipped with advanced equipment for monitoring and exploration prepared for a strike against the IS avoiding civilian areas.

It elaborated that the joint operations against the IS positions in Sirte involved units of the Libyan forces and the Libyan coast guard.

The newspaper also reported that the 50 US military personnel taking part in Sirte battle are in Malta, Britain approximately has 200 of Special forces working directly with Misrata forces where there is a command center built several months ago.

It reported that a British (C-130) plane has been jamming communications on large-scale in Sirte barring the IS from any communication network; telephone, internet, Radio.

Images and data obtained by the British Special Forces indicated that the IS uses civilians including pregnant women and children as human shields.

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