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Libya’s Haftar arrives in Russia after Egypt visit

The leader of the Libyan National Army General Khalifa Haftar arrived in Russia yesterday to discuss the latest developments in his country.

Libya’s Al-Mostakbal newspaper reported that Haftar’s visit to Moscow comes following a visit to Egypt.

No details were given regarding Haftar’s meetings in Egypt, but an Egyptian official source said the developments in Libya were discussed.

In an interview with Quds Press, Libyan political analyst Salah Al-Baccouche described Cairo and Moscow’s welcoming of Haftar as “a blow to the political agreement”.

“The direct significance of Cairo and Moscow’s reception of Khalifa Haftar is that the international signatories on the Vienna statement still want to play a political role in Libya,” Al-Baccouche said adding that these countries do not have a sincere intention to support the political agreement and want the situation in Libya to continue as it is.

Al-Baccouche stressed that there are international efforts to impose Haftar on Libyans although there are considerable number of Libyan forces who reject him.

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