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Presidency Council meets in Tripoli, Aswad joins in

For the first time since the Presidency Council (PC) moved to Tripoli, Omar Al-Aswad, joined in its deliberations today. He had boycotted its sessions for much of the year over the composition of the two previous proposed governments.

In a statement, the PC welcomed Aswad’s return, calling it a positive move.

In addition, five other members attended the session including :Faiez Serraj, Ahmed Maetig and Fathi Mejbari.

The other boycotter, Ali Gatrani, has refused to turn up to any meetings in Tripoli while it remains controlled by militias – including Misratan militias authorised by the PC.

There was little in the PC statement about what was discussed other than that the meeting was the second to look as the composition to the new government of national accord, which was supposed to have been submitted to the House of Representatives by last Thursday.

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