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The NOC to participate in reconstructing Benghazi

The head of the National Oil Corporation (NOC), Mustafa Sanalla, said that he is communicating with the preparatory committee of the first international conference for reconstructing Benghazi.

Sanalla announced in a statement, on Saturday, that the NOC is looking forward to supporting the conference. He talked about big projects that the NOC would work on in the stage of rebuilding Benghazi. He added that the plans were thought about since 2012 but stopped by the security and political crises in the country.

The statement said that one of the most prominent projects of the NOC is establishing an administrative complex. It would include a headquarter for the NOC, a headquarter for the Central Bank of Libya (CBL), integrated conference center, airstrip, a building for Brega oil marketing company, and a building for international oil companies investment.

The statement clarified that the team of this project started working since the first half of 2013. The team finished the ownership procedures of the land, where to build the center on, in Giuliana area.

The estimated value of the project would go up to 600 million Dinar; it would include furniture and all systems. The project would be sponsored by a group of commercial banks, and it will take three years, starting from the date of starting building.

The statement talked about another project, which would include building up a center for maintenance and petroleum technical services for all companies. The project to be on Al-Marisa in the free region.

According to the statement, the team that assigned to work on the project started since mid-2013. The estimated value of the project would go up to 137 million Dinars.

The statement pointed that there would be a project of establishing a permanent fair for oil and gas in the free area of Al-Marisa. The project is to work on attracting and encouraging the big companies of energy to invest in Libya.

There would be another project to build a developed petroleum institute in Ganfouda area. Suncor Canadian company will participate in establishing the Institute.

The NOC and the Arabian Gulf Oil Company will supervise and follow up the building of security directorate in Benghazi.

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