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Libya’s House of Representatives hit by new corruption scandal

A report from the financial comptroller of Libya’s House of Representative has created a political scandal in the east of the country. It is alleged that corruption and financial mismanagement are rife amongst members of the house.

The corruption implicates the institution’s President, Ageela Saleh, and Chief of Staff Abdullah Al-Masri. Although he was contacted by the comptroller a number of times, it is said that Saleh never responded.

A spokesman for the House of Representatives, Abdullah Bulaihak, who is also mentioned in the report, dismissed it as a fake. He warned media and social media sites about publishing anything about it, even though it has been circulated widely. A source within the institution, however, insisted that the report is genuine and that, as a result, some confidential meetings involving members have already taken place.

A number of commentators have suggested that the scandal may have been orchestrated by staff with the hopes of discrediting the House of Representatives and its president. Ageela Saleh, currently in Egypt to attend a meeting of the Arab Parliament, has made no comment so far, but is likely to convene a representatives’ session to discuss the allegations.

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