Friday , 3 April 2020
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EU and Arab League call for ending Libyan crisis

The Deputy Secretary General for Political Affairs of the European Union, Jean-Christophe Belliard, said that the ninth ministerial meeting for Libya neighborhood, in the capital city on Niger, Niamey, is very significant for the EU.

Belliard stated that the EU countries know about the Libyan crisis more than the others, adding that attending this meeting is giving us the opportunity to listen to the point of views of the regional countries.

Belliard confirmed that the mechanism of the neighboring countries would push the matters in Libya towards a positive way.
Belliard called for solving the Libyan crisis quickly because it is affecting the EU after it affected the neighboring countries

From his side, the Vice Secretary General of the Arab League, Abdul-Latif Obaid, praised the role of Algeria since the beginning of the Libyan crisis is significant.
Obaid added, in Niamey, that Algeria always encouraged the Libyans to work on dialogue and national reconciliation.
Obaid stressed that any initiative to create a neighboring countries’ mechanism is important to support the political solution in Libya.

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