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Turkey plans to reopen embassy in Libyan capital

Turkey is planning to reopen its embassy in Tripoli soon as a sign of support to Libya, Turkish President’s special envoy to the north African country Emrullah Isler said on Thursday, urging the international community to do the same.

Speaking in a press conference in Tripoli, Isler said the necessary measures are being taken for the return of Turkish ambassador to Tripoli from his temporary residence in Tunisia by the end of November or early December..

“This step will help us communicate more closely with our Libyan counterparts,” he remarked.

He announced that his country’s Enka Engineering is due to return to south Libya to complete Ubari power station to help ease blackouts in the country.

“We are studying the resumption of Turkish Airlines flights to Libya soon,” he declared.

He also pointed out that Turkish visa imposed on Libyans would be cancelled once the security situations are improved.

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