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Haftar and Russia agreement … Where it goes?

Informed sources revealed that the commander of the army of the House of Representatives (HoR), General Khalifa Haftar, held different meetings with Russian officials on Monday and Tuesday.

Haftar was accompanied by Banina air base commander, Muhamed Manfour, and other officers, and visited, Monday, Russian weapons factories, and reviewed cars and tanks produced.

According to the same sources, a delegate from the Russian factory met officials close to Haftar, during the last month in Cairo to discuss a contract to buy weapons, but the deal was tumbled following Algerian opposition.

The sources added that it is known that Jufra base is one of the biggest stations built by Russia during its strong relations with Gaddafi regime, where it stored a huge number of weapons guaranteed the Russian regime strong alliances in Africa during the cold war in the 1980s, thus Moscow has the key to reining Haftar ambitions.

The sources said that disputes were settled with Russian guarantees, as Haftar’s visit was proceeded by another secret unannounced visit by the head of the HoR, Aqeela Saleh, to the Algerian capital city, last Sunday, where he met officials who opposed any foreign intervention in Libya.

In a related context, sources revealed that Russian military experts arrived last month to eastern Libya to support the forces led by Haftar. They added that the Russian experts who arrived at Haftar’s controlled areas are the first part of a deal between Haftar and the Russians.

Other sources also referred to the military deals between Haftar and Russia, worth 4 Billion Dinars, adding that other Russian military experts will arrive at the east of Libya, but no agreements were made regarding the date of their arrival.

They added that the air forces affiliated to Haftar were adequately maintained by the Russian experts recently. Egypt and Emirate broker the Libyan – Russian approach, different standard meetings were held between military officials and politicians from Tobruk, in Cairo around the last year, before such meetings were turned into official deals and procedures on the ground.

The Israeli website “Debka” revealed, Monday, that Russia attempts to establish air and naval bases in the eastern region. The intelligence site said that if such efforts succeeded, Russia shall build bases in the east around 700 km from Europe.

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