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Limited progress at Cairo meeting with communiqué due tomorrow

Egypt today attempted to edge forward a solution to the Libyan political crisis when it invited leading players to a meeting in Cairo.  However after eight hours of talks, Egyptian foreign ministry organisers said that a communiqué would be prepared at a separate meeting tomorrow morning.

According to one source quoted by Alwasat there was general agreement that the Libyan Political Agreement hammered out a year ago in Morocco’s Skirhat resort remained the only option on the table. However it seems clear that part of the discussion looked at possible changes to the LPA which when it was first produced was said to be immutable. Last week UNSMIL chief Martin Kobler told the UN Security Council that the agreement was “not written in stone”.

Not all of the Libyan invitees responded to the Egyptian invitation. One of those who stayed away was Fathi Bashaga, the HoR member for Misrata, who announced his boycott in advance. It is unclear who else failed to arrive. The Egyptians did not give a list of attendees.

The meeting was opened by Egypt’s president Abdel Fattah El Sisi and chaired by his foreign minister Sameh Shoukry.

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