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Haftar’s call for war in Tripoli, reality or propaganda?

After the calls of the renegade General Khalifa Haftar on his forces and followers to be ready for Tripoli battle and after he had issued his orders through his forces’ spokesman, Ahmed Al-Mismari, for his affiliated officials to prepare for Tripoli battle, which he said it would be quick and lightning, come several conflicting news about mobilization of pro-Dignity-Operation forces in southern Al-Zawiya city.

While the pro-Haftar Abu Bakir Al-Siddiq militia, led by the Zintani Al-Ajami Al-Atari, urged all its fighters to be ready for the military orders that will be issued by the command, pro-Haftar media outlets had reported news about the capture of southern Al-Zawiya city by Dignity Operation forces.

However, the leaders of some of Al-Zawiya brigades refuted the mobilization of Haftar’s forces in southern Al-Zawiya and said it was all media propaganda and desperate attempts to twist facts in the western region.

The spokesman for the Libya Revolutionaries Operations Room, Abdelbaset Al-Shawesh, reaffirmed that they received information that proves the mobilization of some military officials, who joined Dignity Operation recently, in order to kick off Tripoli battle, pointing out that those whom Haftar could gather so far are not very sufficient for him as he was aiming for a bigger number.

“The whole mobilization or war on Tripoli is a childish game as we could kick Haftar’s affiliates out from Ber Al-Ghanam district in southern Al-Zawiya in ten minutes when they endeavored to set up a checkpoint in there.” Al-Shawesh indicated.

Zintan Military Council has also issued a statement uttering full support for the efforts aimed at establishing dialogue and peaceful coexistence, stressing that, under any circumstances, it is against any armed clashes that can plunge the western region into pandemonium and more bloodshed.

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