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Saleh: New political road map to be proposed in days

The head of the House of Representatives (HoR), Ageela Saleh, revealed his intention to announce a new political road map, as a replacement for the Presidential Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA) emanating from Shkirat Agreement whose mandate had ended on Saturday after one year.

Saleh referred, in an interview with Al-Hayat from Moscow, to Russian understanding for the HoR plan replacing solutions that the International Community failed to impose. He said that “no reconciliation without a constitutional amendment, no government without the HoR approval.”

Saleh said that “we will propose a replacing new political road map that includes separating chairmanship of the Presidential Council (PC) and the cabinet, we want a democracy of the size of Libya, not outside interests.” He clarified that “the PC of three members and a separated government allow decisions like granting or refusing to give a vote of confidence without damaging the entire executive power.”

Saleh accused the United Nations envoy of causing confusion; he also accused western countries of overlooking arming militias and only preventing arms being sent to the Libyan army. He said that “some countries are dealing with militias, sending light and heavy weapons, based on confessions of field commanders arrested recently in the oil Crescent area.”

The HoR chairman called the International Community to reconsider its position regarding the army. He said that “we invite everyone to visit Libya, so they can know that Khalifa Haftar is leading an army not militias like what Al-Sarraj did when he attacked the oil crescent to exert his control. The Libyan army now controls 80% of lands in the south and east Libya, exists in the west, we have graduated from military academies widely respected by Libyans.”

He added that “the army kicked militias out of the petroleum facilities, turned it immediately during 48 hours to the National Oil Corporation. Oil revenues now reach the Central Bank in Tripoli for all Libyans to benefit.”

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