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Haftar visits Algeria in his gasp for support for military rule in Libya

Eastern commander of Operation Dignity forces loyal to Tobruk-based House of Representatives, Khalifa Haftar, was received on Sunday in Algiers by the minister of Maghreb and African Affairs, Abdelkader Messahel, who recalled his country’s position in favor of a political solution in Libya, APS agency reports.

Haftar’s visit comes shortly after the Head of the Libyan government of National Accord (GNA) Fayez Al-Serraj announced the retake of Sirte from the Islamic State (IS).

During his meeting with Haftar, the Algerian minister reaffirmed his country’s efforts to “encourage the Libyan parties to reach a consensual agreement for the settlement of the crisis,” according to APS.

In addition to the threat of the IS, which still hangs over the country despite the loss of their stronghold, Libya is undermined by divisions: two authorities competing for power with the GNA based in Tripoli and the other rival authority in the east supported by the forces of Haftar.

Libya’s neighboring countries “have the right to be part of the solution to the crisis” because they are the ones who suffer “the consequences”, the Algerian Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra was quoted by APS.

Algeria had hosted for several months meetings of Libyan opposition before the signing of the political agreement, which brought into force GNA, emerged in December 2015 in Morocco.

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