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Possible new attack looms against eastern oilfields

The Presidency Council (PC) boycotting member Omar Laswad has warned of a new looming military attack against the eastern oil terminals and fields by the same forces that had attempted to take it over at the beginning December.

Meanwhile, leaders of these forces have appeared to meet again today at Jufra military base along with others belong to Misrata military council as they seemed in a sort of military preparation.

Reports say that these appear to be the same forces of what’s called Benghazi’s Defense Brigades (BDB), allegedly sponsored by the proposed Defense Minister of the GNA Mahdi Bargathi. The BDB are deemed loyal to the Grand Mufti Sadeq Ghariani.

Laswad has accused the head of the PC, Faeiz Serraj and active PC members, in addition to their proposed Defense Minister Bargathi, of being behind the possible attack. He accused these forces of being behind the deterioration of Libya’s oil exportation since 2014 and vowed to sue all of them in the courts.

Today, Bushra News Agency, which belongs to the extreme organization of Benghazi Revolutionaries Shoura Council (BRSC), has posted pictures of a visit by Mirsata military council leaders to Jufra military base showing support to the BDB at Jufra.

As well as Bargathi, Ibrahim Jadran and PC member Mijibri, Jadran’s ally, are also believed to be behind these latest manoeuvrings. All had lost their political leverage when they were outflanked by Khalifa Hafter’s takeover of the eastern oilfields and swift handover to the NOC.

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