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ISIS flees Benghazi

ISIS militants operating in Benghazi have finally decided to leave the city after more than 2 years of clashes.

There are conflicting reports about the reason of their escape. Benghazi Shura Council said all ISIS militants in Al-Sabri and Qanfouda districts were given a safe corridor by Dignity Operation fighters to leave from the western gate of the city, while Dignity Operation claims that they had secretly escaped.

Both Al-Sabri and Qanfouda are under tight siege laid by Dignity Operation.

Local sources from Suluq town, 53 kilometers to the south-east of Benghazi, confirmed that the escaping ISIS convoy had clashed with Dignity Operation forces in Nogaya checkpoint killing 2 fighters before making their way southward.

The real destination of the ISIS convoy is still unclear.

Earlier in 2015, ISIS militants escaped from Derna, driving through a desert road for a distance of about 400 km to Sirte, without being intercepted by Dignity Operation checkpoints.

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