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Tobruk-based HoR ponders changing Libya’s national anthem and flag

A private letter sent by the Head of the House of Representatives Office in Tobruk, Awad Al-Fituri, to the HoR showed that the HoR’s Speaker, Aqilah Saleh, agreed on a request to distribute the proposal of changing the Libyan national anthem and flag to the HoR members so that it could be discussed officially in upcoming sessions.

The proposal was put forth by a number of HoR members, who said that despite the fact that the anthem and “independence” flag have their undisputed influential roles in the changes that happened in Libya over the past five years, they have become an obstacle that is impeding the efforts of achieving real national reconciliation in Libya.

According to the HoR members, they suggested the changing of the anthem and flag because they saw them as a threat to the unity of the country as the majority of Libyans have refused to partake in any reconciliation initiatives unless the flag and anthem have been reconsidered.

“Despite the fact that the changing of the flag and anthem should be proposed to the Constitution Drafting Assembly, we have suggested it on the HoR’s table due to the obstacles that the CDA is facing currently and the crises that are sweeping through the country. Thus, we preferred to put the CDA aside and use the HoR to pass the proposal.” The HoR members, who proposed the change indicated.

Rivals of the HoR have time and time again accused it of being controlled by Gaddafi’s regime henchmen, backing up their accusation by the HoR’s controversial decrees, including an amnesty for Gaddafi’s henchmen, who fled outside Libya and were received in Tobruk like heroes.

They also referred to the HoR’s gasping for releasing Saif Gaddafi by trying to include him in the amnesty, which they said was an attempt to reestablish grounds with Gaddafi’s regime henchmen.

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