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Dignity Operation accuses dozens of military officers of treason

More than 42 officers from the Air Defense Base in Rajma village in east Benghazi have been arrested by Dignity Operation militias on charges of treason.

Identical reports said the military officers have been jailed in Kwafiya Military Prison, while 4 of them were executed immediately.

In Bayda, around 200 km east of Benghazi, the city’s media center said Brig. Abdullah Masoud and Colonel Al-Lafi Obiedi were abducted from Barqa Hotel.

The center reported that a militiaman loyal to Dignity Operation called Ahmed Garoor stormed the hotel with force and took the two military officers to an unknown place.

It added that the city is under a campaign of mass arrests of opponents to Dignity Operation.

Meanwhile, Qatarnah tribe in Abyar town, 45 km to the east of Benghazi, has refused the treason charges directed at Brig Ahmed Qatarni, a member of the tribe.

While Qatarni remains under tribal protection, it demanded in a statement an investigation into the alleged treason charges, regarding them as an attempt to slander the tribesman.

The tribe statement confirmed that if the alleged charges were proven, it would hand over its son to justice, but if proved to be false, it would take all necessary measures according to the law.

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