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Al-Barasa tribe condemns storming in Al-Barasi farm

Tribes in the city of Al-Baida and the Green Mountain denounced, on Monday, the storming in the farm of Colonel Faraj Al-Barasi, Monday early morning in Al-Waseta area, 10 Km north Al-Baida.

Al-Barasa tribe announced, in a statement, that it gave the leadership of the army of the House of Representatives (HoR) that led by General Khalifa Haftar, 24 hours to release the abducted persons without conditions. The statement added that in case the abducted are not released then their reaction will be severe.

In the same context, some army officers from the military area of the Green Mountain had declared their defection from Haftar’s army.

It is worth mentioning that Al-Barasi survived last month an assassination attempt when an armed group shot him with light weapons in Al-Baida.

From his side, Capt. Adel Al-Hassy declared his defection from the army of Haftar. He said, in a press release, that he condemns killing families.

Al-Hassy added that “we know who let Daesh leave Al-Sabry area in Benghazi until they arrived in Al-Hawary area in front of the army forces,” confirming that himself and other officers would react against Haftar.

Al-Hassy stated that “we remember when Saddam Haftar ordered Abdul-Salam Al-Hassy to throw the explosive barrels on the buildings but he refused the order, then Saddam tried to hit him.

Al-Hassy said that “we condemn the terrorist actions and entering the houses under the name of the army. He confirmed that “we are defecting the dignity operation because it became in the hands of Haftar and his sons. We refuse the military rule.”

He added that Haftar and his followers are trying to control the country under the name of the army, “while they are not an army.”

He said that Haftar is seeking to control Al-Baida under the name of his army “ Haftar must ask about Al-Baida and its youth. In the anniversary of February revolution, we will give Haftar a lesson that he would never forget.

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