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Salvation government premier inaugurates Tripoli International Airport

Prime Minister of Tripoli-based Salvation government, one of Libya’s three competing governments, inaugurated on Thursday the new Tripoli International Airport, despite unfinished reconstruction at passenger terminal.

Addressing crowds celebrating the 6th anniversary of the 17th February revolution at the airport ground, Khalifa Al-Ghawiel said reconstruction work has been carried out in less than one year and in record time.

He indicated that his government has embarked in reviewing bids for purchasing new planes.

“We will contact international companies to buy security equipment for the airport to secure passengers,” he said.

Tripoli International Airport was destroyed in 2014 during fighting between Libyan Dawn brigades and Dignity Operation affiliated groups from Zintan. The for reconstruction was laid in March 2016.

Al-Ghawiel also said that his government will introduce a comprehensive plan to develop air transport to increase national income.

“We will make the most of the strategic location of Libya and make it a hub for transit trade,” he promised.

A source close to the Salvation government said the new Tripoli International Airport will be operational by mid-March. The source, who preferred not to be named, said the reconstruction at the passenger terminal complex has reached 60%, while the VIP lounge has already finished.

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