Sunday , 4 June 2023
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Sewehli accuses Ghwell of attempting to assassinate him

Following today’s reported incident in which a motorcade carrying Presidency Council head Faiez Serraj and State Council chairman Abdulrahman Sewehly was allegedly shot at near the Rixos hotel complex, Sewehli has released a statement accusing Khalifa Ghell of trying to assassinate him.

The shots were supposedly fired by forces from the Rixos complex. Formely home to the State Council, it is now firmly under the control of the Libyan National Guard which supports Ghwell.

There are now, however, conflicting reports about the incident in which two of the convoy guards were said to have been wounded. It is reported that no one was injured in the incident while some well-placed figures, including an adviser to the PC, privately say that the whole affair was a fake and is being used to generate sympathy for the Presidency and State councils.

A PC statement has blamed the attack on “outlaws” – a general term used to describe criminals. It said no one had been hurt.

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