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NCHR condemns execution of Dignity Operation prisoner

The National Commission for Human Rights in Libya has strongly deplored the of a member of Benghazi Shura Council by a radical group affiliated with Dignity Operation.

The NCHR said in a statement on Tuesday that the execution of Mohammed Al-Maghorbi, known as Randa Al-Abad, by Tariq Ben Ziyad Fighting Brigade is similar to ISIS crimes.

Randa was arrested in Ajdabiya on February 21 and accused of being an ISIS member. He was killed in an ISIS-style execution a day after.

“The extrajudicial killing is a clear violation of Libyan law and justice, and that killing of war prisoners is regarded a war crime according to the international humanitarian law and the Geneva Convention on war prisoners,” the statement reads.

The NCHR called the interim government of Abdullah Al-Thanni, based in east Libya, to set up an investigation into this crime and bring the killers to justice.

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