Friday , 2 June 2023
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Several MPs hint at forming a pro-LPA HoR outside Tobruk

Several pro-Libyan Political Agreement (LPA) members from the House of Representatives (HoR) have condemned the voting of their fellow MPs in rejection of the LPA in the Tuesday session that was attended by 58 MPs out of 200.

In a statement Wednesday, the HoR members said the HoR should have been willing to engage in – not to reject – the efforts aimed at solving Libya’s crisis and pushed for dialogue to save Libyans from any propable bloodshed and to protect their resources.

The members also rejected the methods used by the HoR and the failed administration that is opposing the HoR’s internal codes, slamming the individualistic approach used by the HoR presidency directing the track of the meetings into clandestine agendas, let alone making dubious decisions that are completely not democratic as opposed to 17 February revolution principles.

“We warn the HoR’s presidency of risking the future of the country by letting go with a priceless opportunity that can unite Libyans from all rival factions.” They remarked, adding that they could hold a session outside Tobruk and thus kick-start a new phase of forming an HoR that takes its legitimate status from the Skhirat-signed LPA.

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