Friday , 3 April 2020
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30 HoR members meeting in Tripoli announce continued support for the LPA

Some 30 members of the House of Representatives (HoR) meeting in Tripoli today confirmed their support for the Libyan Political Agreement (LPA) as the only basis for a settlement in the country.

It had been expected that the number would be higher. Seventy five members issued a letter of support for the LPA last Friday and it was expected that all would turn up to today’s meeting at Tripoli’s Bab Al-Bahr hotel. In the event, only 30 did so.

“Many of our colleagues couldn’t manage to attend today’s session due to the short notice of its announcement,” HoR member Mohamed Raied told the Libya Herald.

“We’ve decided on two more sessions, next Wednesday and next Sunday and I believe they’ll be able to join,” he said.

Today’s meeting was in any event an unofficial consultative gathering, he added.

Attendees were convinced that that LPA was the sole political solution for the national crisis, he stated. “We have affirmed our position today to continue support LPA which is the only available and political solution for national accord”.

Today’s session was chaired by the oldest of those attending, HoR member for Tajoura, Sadiq Al-Kahaili. A press conference was expected to follow the session but it was cancelled without reason being given.

The gathering was in response to the HoR’s decision in Tobruk five days at which contained 38 out of 56 members voted to cancel to reject the Dialogue process as well as Appendix No.1 of the LPA. This contains names of the current Presidency Council (PC) members.

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