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Zintan tribesmen open fire on Meshashiya residents

Zintan tribesmen, in northwestern Libya, have opened fire on Meshasheya tribesmen on Sunday evening, according to local official from Meshashiya tribe.

The Head of the Shura Council and Meshashiya elders council, Al-Taher Al-Rifayee, told a local media outlet on Sunday that two people were injured and more damage was done to the Oweyniya district, where Meshashiya residents live, due to the opening of fire by Zintani tribesmen.

Al-Rifayee also said that despite the clashes, the IDPs of the district will remain in their houses as their return agreement was backed up by elders from all districts and cities in the area, including elders from Zintan.

Meanwhile, the Zintan military council said Sunday morning that the ramifications of the return of Mishasheya IDPs will be blamed on the elders of the tribe if they were allowed to go back to their districts without prior coordination with the military council.

The Zintan military council also said in the statement that it won’t allow such a move to happen unless a coordination with their city is made before.

Meshashiya displaced families, who were coerced into leaving their houses in districts like Oweyniya, Omer, and Zawiyat Al-Bagol, declared this week the beginning of their to their houses after over 5 years of displacement.

In a statement issued by the IDPs of Meshashiya, they said they had decided to peacefully return home after no solution had been proposed to end their crisis by neither local and international entities.

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