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UN delegate to Libya proposes road map for peace in Libya

The UN delegate to Libya and Head of the UNSMIL, Martin Kobler, has announced a new road map for peace to end Libya’s current political deadlock and to strike comprehensive accord among all Libyan conflicting parties.

On his Twitter page, Kobler wrote Monday that the “road map for peace in Libya” has six items to be applied to the Libyan situations.

“First, the Libyan Political Agreement is the only basis for ending the conflict and any amendments must be agreed upon by all Libyans. Second, Creating one security apparatus, and all security departments must be prohibited from using violence. Third, the Libyan economic and financial situations must be stable with more cooperation between financial and economic institutions and the Presidential Council.” Kobler wrote.

He also tweeted the rest of the items saying that the fourth item is engaging all the Libyan conflicting parties in the national reconciliation drive.

“Fifth, local governing bodies must develop and the elected mayors must be given the authorities and financial support to allow them to make a change. Sixth and final, Libyan neighboring countries should cooperate to bring the Libyan political and military stakeholders to the dialogue table.” Kobler concluded.

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