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NCHRL: New constitution draft hardly abides by human rights in Libya

National Commission for Human Rights in Libyan (NCHRL) expressed Sunday its grave concern toward the constitution draft (concord draft) that was devised last April as it includes no guarantees for human rights in Libya.

The NCHRL considered that the draft puts restrictions on freedoms of speech and demonstrations as well as it has no guarantees for achieving equality among citizens in Libya.

“Superficially, the draft lays the basis for a civilian state with pluralism and peaceful circulation of power among other things, while between the lines it contains right the opposite.” The NCHRL added.

It also said that the draft left out the right of citizenship in many articles, especially in Article (No.2) which is related to the language, not to mention the issue of equal opportunities.

The humanitarian body urged as well the Constitution Drafting Assembly to amend April-blueprinted draft so that it can account for a better constitutional future that guarantees human rights in Libya, requesting public consultations meetings with all stakeholders before it finalizes its work.

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