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Khalifa Haftar reiterates threat to attack Tripoli; says Libyan political agreement is conspiracy

Renegade General Khalifa Haftar, the commander of Dignity Operation, threatened on Tuesday to launch Benghazi-like war in Tripoli, turning a deaf ear to local and international efforts aimed at bringing stability and peace to Libya.

Addressing a crowd of fighters marking the third anniversary of Dignity Operation, Haftar claimed that Tripoli is a safe haven place for terrorists.

“We will not leave Tripoli, our capital, a safe haven for terrorists; our people will only be at rest when the capital returns to the homeland,” he threatened, adding that he will continue his struggle until he regains control of the entire homeland.

Haftar is a rejectionist to the Libyan political agreement. His threats came two weeks after his face-to-face with the head of Presidential Council Fayaz Siiraj in the UAE on May 02.

Khalifa Haftar lashed out in his address at the international community for failure to lift the ban on arms sales to his self-styled army, accusing it of backing “the terrorists.” He also described the UN-brokered Libyan political agreement, signed in Skhirat, Morocco in December 2015, as “conspiracy.”

“The army will not sell the blood of our martyrs, we will not submit to the international conspiracy, we will not be part of it,” he said.

Reacting to this week’s Libyan National Army in the western city of Zuwara, Haftar said he will not allow any parallel institution to be formed

The celebration for the third anniversary of Dignity Operation was held in Tocra town, around 70 km east of Benghazi, despite several claims made by Dignity Operation commanders that the city of Benghazi has become safe and secure.

Wannabe ruler of Libya, Khalifa Haftar, a controversial retired General, launched Dignity Operation against his opponents in Benghazi in 2014. Later he announced his self-styled “Libyan National Army,” claiming it’s the only legitimate military institution in the country.

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