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Members of the Libyan National Army (LNA), also known as the forces loyal to Marshal Khalifa Haftar, clash with jihadists in Benghazi's Al-Hout market area on May 20, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / Abdullah DOMA

Militias clash in Al-Zawiya city in Libya, two killed

Heavy clashes erupted between two militias in the city of Al-Zawiya in northwestern Libya Saturday night, according to sources from the city.

The clashes broke out after two members of one militia were killed by gunfire in front of Olympi Cafe in the city by the other militia fighters.

According to local sources the two killed men were Islam Jamoum and Suhail Ben Kora.

The two militias were later engaged in clashes using heavy and medium weapons in the streets of the city centre.

The Al-Zawiya Hospital had to evacuate the patients fearing they could be shot by the ongoing random gunfire and fighting in the city.

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