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Car bomb rocks Libya’s Benghazi

The military mayor of Benghazi, Abdul-Rahman Abbar, escaped an assassination attempt in the war-torn city on Saturday.

Local sources said a car bomb exploded near Abbar’s convoy in Taballino district at midday, but he was lucky to escape because he was driving an armored vehicle.

“The car bomb was parked near Abbar’s house and it went off as he arrived home,” the sources added.

The explosion caused considerable damage to the nearby houses and cars.

No casualties were reported in the explosion, but eyewitnesses claimed that six people were wounded.

Abdul-Rahman Abbar was appointed last April after the of Ahmed Araibi.

Assassinations for political ends have increased in Dignity Operation-held areas in east Libya. Last month, a car bomb outside a mosque in Suluq town, killing Awaqir tribe leader Braik Al-Lwati and five others.

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