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Human Rights Solidarity: Immigrants suffering forced labor, rape in Libyan shelter centers

Human Rights Solidarity (HRS) called on Libyan authorities and the society to assume responsibility toward the blatant violations against illegal immigrants in the country.

In a statement it posted on Facebook, HRS said the immigrants shelter centers are using the migrants in internal labor without payments, besides forcing the female migrants into sexual affairs.

“These are dangerous crimes against the immigrants and must be stopped.” The statement reads.

It also said that the reasons why human traffickers picked Libya as a crossing country for immigrants are purely Libyan and hence must be tackled by Libyan authorities and society.

“Some migrants shelter centers don’t give the immigrants more than a single meal a day and most centers provide zero healthcare for the sick.” HRS explained, urging the government officials to visit the centers and see the conditions then hold the centers’ officials accountable for violations.

HRS also called on the international community and the European Union to tackle the reasons behind illegal immigration in the source countries, such as civil wars, financial and political corruption, adding that the cost of uprooting the issue could be less than that spent on coastguards and rescue operations.

It also remarked that suggesting Libya become a country for immigrants’ resettlement, which was proposed by some EU officials, is not a solution but only a transfer of the issue to Libya, urging the UN-proposed government to reject it.

Meantime, HRS cited the International Labor Organization’s report that the victims of forced labor among illegal immigrants in the world are about 21 million, including the victims of sexual abuse.

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